The Colonia legend is closely tied to the world of Italian tailors, the home of impeccable elegance, where class is expressed in prestige fabrics, perfect cuts, the sophisticated balance of muted colours and attention to detail. Down to the final and indispensable touch of class: a spray of Colonia before handing over the made to measure suit. Sensory hallmark of a style of dressing that is also a lifestyle. Colonia is the original fragrance that embodies classic elegance and long tradition.


Irresistible and Powerful

Synonymous with Italian elegance and dedication to craftsmanship, Acqua di Parma perfumes, colognes and home fragrances have been exclusively handcrafted in Italy with the highest-quality ingredients since 1916. International success came in the 1930s, when Hollywood legends discovered the fragrance during their travels to Italy and helped establish Acqua di Parma as a symbol of Italian chic.
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Hamptons Club Bestsellers

  1. Essenza Set
    Essenza Set
    The iconic Acqua di Parma yellow gift set elegantly contrasts with the absolute black of Colonia Essenza. This gift set includes a 100 ml Eau de Cologne, a 75 ml Hair & Shower Gel and a 75 ml Aftershave Balm. € 120.00
  2. Colonia Set
    Colonia Set
    The cool energy and brightness of Colonia in a gift set for those who love Acqua di Parma's signature fragrance. This gift set includes a 100 ml Eau de Cologne, a 75 ml Bath & Shower Gel and a 75 ml Body Cream. € 112.00
  3. Rosa Nobile Set
    Rosa Nobile Set
    A contemporary fragrance that is extremely feminine and rich in emotions. This gift set includes a 50 ml Eau de Parfum, a 50 g Velvet Body Cream and a 50 ml Velvet Bath & Shower Gel. € 98.00
  4. Colonia Quercia
    Colonia Quercia
    An exquisite selection presented in an elegant gift box. Colonia Quercia is a fragrance that has all the strength of oak moss. This gift set includes a 100 ml Eau de Cologne, a 75 ml Bath & Shower Gel. € 187.00


A journey to Piedmont. Among aristocratic and historic families. In the shade of a sacred tree, symbol of courage, dignity and shelter.Travelling among the aristocratic families of Piedmont you encounter one of their traditional symbols. A tree considered sacred since ancient times, whose renowned longevity testifies to and accompanies the history of mankind, as well as the traditions and values handed down unaltered from generation to generation.

The oak, already venerated in times past as the king of trees or the tree of life due to its exceptional hardiness and longevity, has always been a symbol of generosity and courage. With its powerful trunk and ample crown it conveys protection and strength. It is from the soft moss which grows on its bark that one of the most precious and rare ingredients of quality perfumery is extracted - oakmoss absolute - which becomes the heart of a new and exclusive olfactory composition. Colonia Quercia.